Section Locations

  • A• Section A
    Kyriakides Plaza (Between Buildings 1 and 2)
  • B• Section B
    N.E. 2nd Ave. (Between 3rd and 4th St.)
  • C• Section C
    N.E. 2nd Ave. (Between 3rd and 4th St.)
  • D• Section D
    N.E. 4th St. (Between 2nd Ave. and Biscayne Blvd.)
  • E• Section E
    N.E. 3rd St. (Between 1st and 2nd Ave.)
  • F• Section F
    N.E. 2nd Ave. (Between 2nd and 3nd St.)

The Harvey J. Wolf Antiquarian Annex

  • C•Glover’s Bookery, ABAA
  • C•Out-of-the-Way Books
  • C•The Book Cellar
  • C• Kubik Fine Books Ltd

Bargain Books

  • A•Pennyworth Books
  • B•Red Carpet Books

Children’s Books

  • F•FFEA – SAVVY Concepts
  • E•On A Planet Named Up-In-The-Sky
  • E•Two Little Birds Books – AMMO Books
  • A•Usborne Books and More
  • E•Books & Apps Publishing
  • E•Scavenger Hunt Adventures

Comic Books & Graphic Novels

  • A•MVP Collectible Books, Comics & Toys
  • A•Papercutz
  • A•Tate’s Comics + Toys + More
  • A•TOON Books
  • A• Creature Entertainment
  • A• Kill Shakespeare
  • A• Visual Adjectives

General Books

  • C•
  • A•Akashic Books
  • E•America Star Books
  • A•Anaphora Literary Press
  • E•Ari Publishers
  • E• Author Eric A. Shelman
  • B•E•Author Solutions
    We will be exhibiting a wide selection of books from our authors including fiction, nonfiction, Children’s and poetry.
  • E•Bookforum Magazine
    Bookforum in one of the nation’s preeminent literary review magazines, covering the year’s most vital fiction, arts, cultural, and political titles. Based in New York City and published five times annually, the magazine’s contributors are amongst the most celebrated writers in the literary world – figures such as Colm Tóibín, Roxanne Gay, and Vivian Gornick. Featured at this year’s Miami Book Fair International will be the current Fall issue of the magazine, as well as select back issues from previous seasons.
  • E•Bookleggers Used Books
  • A•Books & Books
  • B• Books by Authors Presenting at the Book Fair
  • A•City Lights Booksellers & Publishers
  • E•Clark Selby Author
    Together Forever: A fictionalized story of my life. The Power of Love: Story of my life after the end of Together Forever. Indian Leader Trail Boss: Story of a trail drive of Longhorns from Texas to Kansas. Where’s My Wife: Story of a author who writes his wife being kidnapped. Four books about the CIA battle to stop al-Qaeda plots against Americans: Dangerous Food; Dangerous Enemy: Dangerous Cargo; Dangerous Journey.
  • E•Curbside Splendor Publishing
  • B•Daniel Foster, Bookseller
  • A•Europa Editions
  • E•Fourth Dimension (4DSB)
  • B•Feral House
  • C• Finding Forrester’s Books
  • D•Friends of the Miami-Dade Public Library
  • A•Graywolf Press
  • A•Grove Atlantic
  • E• H. Victoria Hargro Atkerson
  • A•HarperCollins Publishers
  • C•Harold Becker
  • E•Haymarket Books
  • A•Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
  • A•Jai-Alai Books
  • E• Karolingchantilly
  • C•Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library
  • E•Lady Esquire Group LLC
    Based in Charlotte, NC, Lady Esquire Group, LLC (LEG) is a publishing and management firm that publishes books of all genres. We deliver quality books that appeal to widespread audiences. LEG will be exhibiting works of fiction from African American authors, including author JE Smythe.
  • E•Linkville Press
    The books are various genre of fiction from action adventure, romance, Sci fi and murder mysteries. There is no erotica or explicit sex. You can access info at and
  • A•McSweeney’s
  • E•Melsan Publishing-Carambola-Life & Times
  • E• NCM Books
  • E•The Official Miami Book
  • A•Pineapple Press
    Pineapple Press is a Florida based publisher specializing in Florida subjects, fiction and non-fiction, mostly by Florida authors. Pineapple has over 300 titles in print and has been in business since 1982.
  • C•Readers’ Favorite
    Readers’ Favorite is the fastest growing book review and award contest site on the Internet. We have earned the respect of renowned publishers like Random House and have received the “Best Websites for Authors” and “Honoring Excellence” awards from the Association of Independent Authors. Our booth features hundreds of our award-winning books in 100+ genres from independent authors to New York Times bestsellers and celebrities. All proceeds are donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.
  • A•Read Jamaica
  • E•RockHill Publishing Ltd.
  • A•Schiffer Publishing Ltd
  • A• Seven Stories Press
  • C•South Florida Writers Association, Inc.
  • E•Stories to Tell Publishing Services
    We will be selling the book “Stories to Tell”, a guide for writers of memoirs and family histories. We will also be providing literature about editing, book design, and publishing. We will display the books of our published authors.
  • C•The ACLU’s Banned Books
  • A•University Press of Florida
  • A•Workman Publishing Company
  • E•Miami-Dade Public Library System
  • E•NDoubleE Publishing

History Books

  • C•Pathfinder Books
  • C• The Florida Historical Society

Mystery Books

  • B•Murder on the Beach Mystery Bookstore
  • B•Mystery Writers of America Florida Chapter
    Mystery Writers of America Florida Chapter is an organization of authors, booksellers, readers, and other industry professionals pursuing a career or interest in the crime fiction genre.We hold meetings and workshops throughout the year, plus our members participate in major book events and festivals. Also we host SleuthFest, our annual conference that draws bestselling speakers and registrants from across the country.

Other Interesting Exhibitors

  • E•Bookish Gifts
    Bookish Gifts is a shop for readers and writers and those who love them. We do not sell books themselves, but offer all sorts of bookish goodies. There will be book jewelry, scarves, notebooks, mugs, candles and lots of fun and lovely note cards.
  • E•Everglades National Park
  • C•IS Projects
  • B•KHP Museum Publishing
  • B•MDC  Alumni/MDC Recruitment
  • A•MDC Faculty Published Works
  • C•Miami Book Fair Autographed Books For Sale
  • C•Miami Book Fair Merchandise and Memorabilia
  • E•South Miami-Dade Cultural Arts Center
  • E•Guardian ad Litem Program
  • E• Shima Hair, Inc.
  • F•Costco

Religious/Spiritual Books

  • E•Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
    Holy Qura’n in English, Spanish, French and many other major languages of the world. English and Spanish literature, free magazines and Islamic books on contemporary issues and variety of subjects of common interest like World peace, True concept of Jihad, Human rights, Women in Islam, Separation of religion and state, Sharia Law, Loyalty to the nation, etc.
  • E•Comunidad Musulmana Ahmadia
  • E•El Minuto de Dios Libreria
  • A•Inner Traditions, Bear & Co.
    Books for the body, mind, and spirit. All books in booth will be 50% off the cover price.
  • E•JW.ORG
  • B•Logosophy
  • E•Pure Bhakti Yoga Society Inc.
  • C•Self-Realization Fellowship
    Self-Realization Fellowship publishes the complete works of Paramahansa Yogananda, including the classic introduction to the science and philosophy of yoga, ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’.
  • E•Universal Christian Gnostic Movement of The U.S.A.
  • E•Sri Chinmoy Meditation Centre

Books in Spanish

  • C•Aipeh Miami – Asociación Internacional de Poetas y  Escritores Hispanos
  • C•Corporativo VYT, LLC
  • E•Editoriales Argentina
  • E•Editorial Voces de Hoy
  • C•Esoterico Solar
  • B•Fonolibros
  • A•Los libros más pequeños del mundo
  • B•C•E•Los libros más pequeños del mundo
  • A•Maytte
  • B•Malpaso
    Malpaso busca animar conversaciones. Malpaso quiere contribuir al discurso literario, político y de pensamiento. Malpaso no hace concesiones y su único compromiso es con sus lectores. Malpaso quiere que los títulos de su catálogo conformen un discurso literario y ensayístico. Malpaso no quiere ser uno más. Malpaso cree en la literatura de excelencia y en el ensayo comprometido. Malpaso pretende ser tu editorial de referencia. En Malpaso caben muchas tendencias y gustos pero la calidad es cualidad indispensable para todos nuestros libros. Malpaso no quiere dejar a nadie indiferente. Malpaso cree en el papel y también en el digital. Malpaso cree en los textos.
  • A•Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial USA
  • B•Publicaciones Entre Lineas
  • A•Spanish Publishers

Writers’ Row

A showcase of local and regional up-and-comers!

Friday, November 20

  • D•A Whisper of Angels by Lourdes R. Florido
  • D•I Heard You Can Draw!: A Story for Class Artists Everywhere by M. D. Savran
  • D•Nonna is a Rolling Stone & Her Brilliant Battle Against Alzheimer by Monica Mastrantonio
  • D•Baseball Artistry by Jorge De Lara
  • D•People of African Ancestriy in Panama 1501-2012 by Melva Lowe de Goodin
  • D•The Sparks by Kyle Prue
  • D•Essence: The EST Org. by William Fernandez
  • D•Inquebrantable Por Naturaleza by Carlos Ojeda
  • D•Filters by deborah ailman
  • D•The Silent Stones by Judith Falloon-Reid
  • D• The One That Got Away by Brigitte Knowles
  • D• My Polish American Mother by Frances Lareau
  • D• She Held His Hand by L. Beverly Corridon
  • D• A Fresh Cup of Tolerance by Thomas Norris
  • D• West African Perspective – Cookbook by Margaret (Badjan) Ellis
  • D• Padres & Coaches by Karen, Daniela Y Stephanie Carvajalino M.
  • D•The diary of an Autistic Kid by Brandon Drucker
  • D• White Sugar, Brown Sugar by Michael Pyle
  • D• Fireflies and Shooting Stars by Ed Raarup
  • D• SWISS Recipe To Happiness by Stephan Bosshard
  • D• Secret of the Timekeepers by Robert Torres

Saturday, November 21

  • D•Blue the Monkey Who Was Allergic to Bananas by Katia Dabdoub Hechema
  • D•Dreams Deferred by L.J. Taylor
  • D•Every1’s Guide to Electronic Contracts by Charles H. Martin
  • D•Fast Freddy by Lee Ann Mancini
  • D•Fourth Dimension of South Beach by Ellen Frazer-Jameson
  • D•Lead Story by Edward R. Laden. Sr.
  • D•Lessons From The Journey: From The Valley To The Mountaintop by Tracey J. Jackson
  • D•Los Colores De Tu Dinero by Elaine King
  • D•Malice Intended by Edward Sanchez
  • D•Mother Tree by Andre Redmond
  • D•My Best Life: An Autobiography by Sakie by Valerie Hart
  • D•Objetivo la Tierra “GAIA” La Decision Final “El Nuevo Amanecer” by C.J.  Schuster
  • D•ReLovenship: Look Within to Love Again! by Mario P. Cloutier and Diane Sawaya Cloutier
  • D•Stop It: 18 Habits That Hinder Your Libido And Make You Fat by Anna Lepeley
  • D•The Book On Flying A Learjet: Joey Jet’s Memories by Joseph Tiritilli
  • D•The Group Identity: The Hope of Glory by Carlos Cayetano
  • D•The Passion of the Christoph by Paul Christoph
  • D•What if? You are and Life is … Miraculous!!! by Audrey S. Arbe
  • D•Who Do You Think You Are? What if Everything You Know is a Lie? by Brenda L. Boyd
  • D•With the Lamp of My Soul by Helena Bango
  • D• May I Be Just A Child? by Gail C. Neal
  • D• How to Avoid The Super Woman Complex by C.Nicole Swiner, MD
  • D• Steps to Ascension by Sydney Francis
  • D• Burn Zones: Playing Life’s Bad Hands by Jorge P. Newbery
  • D• La Armon¡a Interior, Tu Camino a las Estrellas by Xiomara Mayor Pendola
  • D• The Journey of the Wise Men by Ashley Hodge
  • D• STEPS TO ASCENSION by Sydney Francis

Sunday, November 22

  • D•28 Truths to Know Before One Leaves This World By Dr. Charles W. Bayas
  • D•Animal Hero Kids: Voices for the Voiceless by Susan Hargreaves
  • D• Berdy: Eating Right by Sylvie H.B.Y
  • D• Broken To Reign by B.J. Adams
  • D•Colores by Alejandra Poj
  • D•El libri de Dibujantis by Antonela Cárpena
  • D•For You by Ana J. Garcia
  • D•Glowria by Luz Ortiz
  • D•Maggie M. Manatee & Friends by Gina Marinello
  • D• Miami Contingent by Robert Earl
  • D•Miami Is Missing by Antonio Simon
  • D•Numerology: Discover the Numbers in your Name and Birth Date by Charles Words
  • D•Presidential Affair: Love, Lies and Liaisons by Les Cochran
  • D•Proof: The Novel by Ted D. Berner
  • D•Returning To Me: A Cuban-American Woman’s Journey by Ibis Lezcano Kramer
  • D• Sweet Synchronicity by Claudia Zamora
  • D•Systemic Evil: Mat Perez v. The FBI by Samuel C. Martinez
  • D• Tatuaje de lagrimas by Maria Elena Lavaud
  • D•The Adventures of Pixie Piper: A Fairy’s Breath by Maricel Jimenez Peña
  • D•The Conciliators by James J. Kaufman
  • D• The Left-handed Writer by Rosemary Stiffin
  • D•The Lost Art by Ryan Adkins
  • D•The Secrets of Becoming Jewish by Rabbi Bernice K. Weiss with Nancy Kirsch
  • D• Una Vida, Esta Vida by Yolany Neiffer
  • D• Animal Hero Kids Voices for the Voiceless by Susan Hargreaves