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2014 Exhibitors

Antiquarianback to top
  • Out-of-the-Way Books • C
  • Glover's Bookery, ABAA • C
  • Pathfinder Books • C
  • The Book Cellar • C
  • The Florida Historical Society Press • C
Bargainback to top
  • Bookleggers Used Books • E
  • Harold Becker • B
  • Pennyworth Books • A
  • Red Carpet Books • B
Children'sback to top
  • FFEA Savy Concepts • C
  • Usborne Books and More • A
  • Fujimini Adventures • E
  • La Casa Azul Bookstore A
    La Casa Azul Bookstore features a diverse selection of Children's books & young adult literature in English and Spanish. We specialize in books by Latin/Latino writers. Gran seleccion de libros bilingues.
Comic Books/Graphic Novelsback to top
  • Creature Entertainment • A
  • Kill Shakespeare • A
  • TOON Books • A
  • MVP Collectible Books, Comics & Toys • A
  • Tate's Comics + Toy + More • A
Generalback to top
  • • C
  • Akashic Books • A
  • Anaphora Literary Press • A
  • Archipelago • A
  • Books & Books • A
  • Dan Foster, Bookseller • B
  • Downtown Books Center • A
  • Educa Vision Inc • E
  • Friends of Miami-Dade Public Library • C
  • Graywolf • A
  • HarperCollins Publishers • A
  • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt • A
  • Jai-Alai Books • A
    Based in Miami, FL, Jai-Alai Books publishes literary titles in a variety of genres. We are particularly interested in books that capture the spirit of our hometown.  Just say Hi-Li.  Books we-ll be showcasing:  1. Forager: A subjective guide to Miami-s edible plants by Tiffany Noe, George Echevarria & Nick Vagnoni   2. Suicide by jaguar by Dave Landsberger   3. Last night I dreamt I was a DJ by Frank Baez
  • McSweeney's • A
  • Miami-Dade Public Library System • G
  • New Directions • A
  • Paper Chase • E
  • Phaidon • A
  • Phydon • A
  • Random House • A
  • Readers- Favorite C
    Readers- Favorite is the fastest growing book review and award contest site on the Internet. We have earned the respect of renowned publishers like Random House and have received the Best Websites for Authors and Honoring Excellence awards from the Association of Independent Authors. Our booth features hundreds of our award winning books in over 100 genres from independent authors and small publishers to New York Times best-selling authors and celebrities.
  • SevenStories • A
  • SoftSkull/Counterpoint • A
  • South Florida Writers Association, Inc. • B
  • Steve's Books & More • E
  • University Press of Florida • A
  • Visual Adjectives • E
  • Workman • A
  • Reedy Press C
    Exhibiting local interest titles from different regions of the country, including its popular 100 Things to Do Before You Die series (the authors of the Miami edition are scheduled to present at the fair). We will also feature our community and commemorative histories, companion publications to museum exhibitions, and titles related to cooking, military subjects, and sports.
  • International Academy of Consciousness • E
  • Ampersand, Inc. • E
  • Aglo Publishing • E
  • Corpos Overseas, Inc. • E
  • Cubanabooks Press • E
  • America Star Books • E
  • Author Solution Book Gallery B
  • Author Solution Book Signing E
    Author Solutions is the World Leader in Supported Self-Publishing
  • Smith Publicity--Book Marketing B
    Smith Publicity helps authors and publishers create awareness about their books. Since 1997, they've worked with more than 2,000 titles from New York Times bestsellers to first time, self-published authors to secure meaningful media placements including magazine, newspaper, radio, television, online and blog interviews, feature stories, articles, and reviews. Through innovative strategies and a unique promotional methodology, they've established an unparalleled track record of book marketing success. To talk with them about your project or to sign up for their Book Publicity Tips Newsletter, meet with Smith Publicity at the Miami Book Fair, visit, or contact them at
  • Galaxy Press B
  • The Caribean Writer A
    The Caribbean Writer is an international, literary journal with a Caribbean focus, published annually by the University of the Virgin Islands. The journal features poetry, short fiction, personal essays, translations, interviews, one-act plays, reviews of new Caribbean poetry and fiction, and art by Virgin Island's artists. Its contributors are from all parts of the world, but more specifically from the Caribbean region, including the Virgin Islands. 
  • Grove Atlantic A
    Highlights from Groves rich backlist including classic William Burroughs titles: Naked Lunch, Junky, The Ticket that Exploded, The Soft Machine, Nova Express. Other featured authors include Jack Kerouac (The Subterraneans, Lonesome Traveler, Mexico City Blues ), Pablo Neruda (Five Decades: A Selection), Jorge Luis Borges (Ficciones), John Kennedy Toole (A Confederacy of Dunces), Patricia Highsmith (Two Faces of January, A Game for the Living), and other landmark classics such as This Boys Life by Tobias Wolf, and Sherman Alexies Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven. 
  • Shima Hair, Inc. E
  • Stories To Tell - Author Services E
    Stories To Tell is an author services company for self-publishing. We are unique because authors keep all rights and royalties, hiring us for just the help they need. We publish print books and ebooks with CreateSpace, Lightning Source, and with printers across the country. Our team of editors and book designers can help authors with all levels of editing, book layout, custom cover designs, and much more. We help authors at every step to create and publish a professional-quality book. We produce fiction, non-fiction, and creative non-fiction works, and specialize in illustrated books, family histories, and memoirs. 
  • Unlimited eBooks B
  • Glover's Bookery, ABAA • C
Healthback to top
Historyback to top
  • Pathfinder Books • C
  • The Book Cellar • C
  • The Florida Historical Society Press • C
Mysteryback to top
Otherback to top
  • KHP Museum & Custom Publishing • B
  • MDC Faculty Published Works • A
  • MDC Alumni/MDC Recruitment • B
  • Miami Book Fair International Autographed Books for Sale • C
  • Miami Book Fair Merchanidise and Memorabilia • C
  • Yales Writers Conference • B
  • Funxional Products • A
Religion/Spiritualback to top
  • Ahmadiyya Muslim Community E
    The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is the oldest Muslim organization in the United States. Our plan is to sell Muslim literature and showcase our Muslim authors. We have been part of the Miami Book Fair family for over twenty years and have been the largest Muslim bookstall at the fair. We appeal to the thousands of people who come by the stall for Islamic literature. We are a 501 (c) (3) non profit organization. We have the translations of the Holy Quran in English, Spanish and many other major languages. Our motto is: Love for all, Hatred for none.    
  • Self-Realization Fellowship C
    Self-Realization Fellowship publishes the complete works of Paramahansa Yogananda. Our books are about the science and philosophy of yoga meditation, and how to live a balanced spiritual life.
  • Pure Bhakti Yoga Society Inc. • E
  • Thank God • E
Spanishback to top
  • Editoriales Argentinas • B
  • Eriginal Books - Autores Indies B
    Eriginal Books is a print and electronic publisher that specializes in works of interest to the Hispanic community worldwide. Its publications have touched on a variety of topis ranging from character assassination, to the develoment of creativity. Genres have included novels, essays, short stories, children's literature, and poetry. EB specializes in the promotional strategies of the digital world, and authors who prefer to keep their rights (Indies and Hybrid authors). EB will bring authors to MBF from US, Spain, Peru, Venezuela, Honduras, Mexico, Canada, Cuba, Dominic Republic, and Argentina. Some of the mare bestsellers at Amazon; anothers, winners of several awards.
  • • C
  • Herencia Cultural Cubana • B
  • La Pereza Ediciones • C
  • LD Books / Libros en espanol • B
  • Los libros mas pequenos del mundo • B, C, E
  • Los libros mas pequenos del mundo..! • A
  • Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial - USA • A
  • Spanish Publishers • A
  • Voces de Hoy, Inc. • E
  • Publicaciones Entre Lineas • E
Writer's Row - Fridayback to top
  • A Tree Born Crooked by Steph Post • D
  • Adventure Draw by Sean Karshis • D
  • American Heart of Darkness by Robert Kirkconnell • D
  • C Is for Children: My First Thirty-Two Keywords by D.michael Parrish • D
  • Down in the Tropics by Harry Henry Hann and Nancy Johnson • D
  • Guaytabo by Marta Isabel Daranas Serrano • D
  • Mr. Munchlee's Magic Top Hat by Corrie Rice • D
  • Pat the Gnat by Alex Taupier Vanderwater • D
  • Rocket Robinson and the Pharaoh's Fortune by Sean O'neill • D
  • Rosie's Song -- By Mary Kate Leming & Deborah LaFogg Docherty by Mary Kate Leming • D
  • Sakiwinki The Monkey Saves The Animals by Lisabeth Reynolds • D
  • Tame your manners at Kamp Safari by Loretta Neff
  • The Becoming Years 18 to 28 by George Wray • D
  • The Hill Brothers Trilogy by Troy Henderson • D
  • The Rose Master by Valentina Cano • D
  • Thomas Templeton and the Year of the Vivificus by D. W. Spinola • D
  • Tyler the Fish Saves Lake Erie by Meaghan Fisher • D
  • Yehuda's Revenge by William Gwynn D
    Yehuda-s Revenge ; Yehuda-s Revenge  -Based on the actual experiences of a Yehuda Adelman who may be said to have live several life times, -Yehuda-s Revnge- is relentless as it crisscrosses the entire geography of human mind and heart.- by David Kirby, author, poet and reviewer.   The scope of the Holocaust, guerrillas blowing up trains, and the Russian Army-s blitzkrieg drive across Eastern Europe to the Baltic Sea are backdrops for Yehuda-s true adventure of survival Romance and revenge.  -Step into the heat of the Holocaust, as I outrun death while everything I love is being murdered - my culture, family and friends. You will also experience the satisfaction of revenge.-  Yehuda
  • Soul on the Run by Robin Korth • D
  • How One Parent Engaged Addiction by Deni Sher D
    The inspiring, heart-felt memoir, "How One Parent Engaged Addiction: A Mother's Journey Through Her Son's Addiction" shares author Deni B. Sher's eleven-year, awe-inspiring journey to recover normalcy for the lives of both herself and her twenty-five year old son, after doing tough love. Once Sher finally pulls her head out of denial to face the ugly reality of addiction, alcoholism, codependency, and familial dysfunction that have devastated their lives, she adamantly refuses to let the diseases continue to win. In raw honesty, Sher fights back, using the powers of prayer, positive thinking, intention, manifestation, and creative visualization. With her pen as a sword, Sher writes her way to victory in a war she refuses to lose, reaffirming that a mother's love knows no boundaries.
  • A River of Tears - The River of Hope by Orit Rehany • D
  • Global Youth Empowerment Movement by Sindy Eugene • D
Writer's Row - Saturdayback to top
  • Are you Listening Pot Belly? by Ellen S. Cromwell • D
  • A Few Good Friends by J. E. Smythe • D
  • Are You Prepared by B. C. Anerson • D
  • Attracting Birds to South Florida Gardens by Kirsten Hines and Jeff Ousley D
    Attracting Birds to South Florida Gardens ; I will exhibit two books on bird conservation in South Florida. -Attracting Birds to South Florida Gardens- ( is the first wildlife gardening guide designed exclusively for South Florida-s uniquely sub-tropical environment with its mix of temperate and tropical species. -Birds of Fairchild- ( celebrates the birds and bird-friendly plants of Miami-s world-renowned Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, and its role in their conservation.
  • Love Mother Love Daughter by Ellen Frazer - Jameson • D
  • Malice Intended by Edward Sanchez • D
  • Miami Panic (story of Wayne Cox And The Shenandoah Rapist) by Wayne Cox • D
  • Mother Tree by Andre Redmond • D
  • Name Not One Man by Carlos R Savournin • D
  • Nowhere Out by Vincent Sachar • D
  • Reflections by Rose Mary Stiffin D
    SYNOPSIS Reflections © 2012 Rose Mary Stiffin, PhD Warren Dwyer is a graduate student in computer engineering. He is brilliant, the spoiled only child of his doting but oft-times frustrated parents, as handsome as a model, and a drunk. But the innocent Cosby Tates sees only the obvious: he is tall, dark, and handsome. And she wants him, as only an eighteenyear- old innocent can desire an older man ??? with her total heart 41 and soul. She rescues him, drunken and oblivious, from a wedding reception and takes him home. Perhaps, he would have been grateful if, upon awakening the next morning, he had an inkling of who she is! Ten years later, Warren is now sober, responsible, and junior partner in an expanding, successful bioengineering company. He is happily engaged to the beautiful photographer Dawn Redfield when he is assigned to attend a conference in Boise, Idaho. There, he sees the woman who has haunted his memories for a decade. But who is she and who is this little boy who, as Dawn claims, looks exactly like Warren? Reflections is a beautiful summer read, full of diverse and inspiring characters who stay with you long after their stories are over.   
  • Sunrise Sunset; The Practice by Kim Weiss D
  • The Alphabet Games - The Numinous Protocol by Birgit Von Schondorf • D
  • White Sugar, Brown Sugar by Michaael A. Pyle • D
  • The LORD is My Agent...And, HE Only Takes 10 by Tyron Barrington D
    "The LORD is MY Agent…And, HE Only Takes 10%" is a memoir of faith in the high stakes world of fashion from a top Model Agent and Casting Director. Tyron Barrington is a fashion industry insider who's developed some of the world's leading supermodels and placed them on the covers of Vogue and landed them in campaigns for clients such asGUCCI, VERSACE, CALVIN KLEIN and VICTORIA SECRETS.  He's been featured on ABC NIGHTLINE, BRAVO and The NEW YORK POST, to name a few.
  • The New College Guide: How to Get In, Get Out and Get a Job by Marguerita J. Dennis D
    The New College Guide: How to Get in, Get Out, and Get a Job is a different college guide book because it offers prospective students and parents information to consider before college admssion, to financing  a college education, to graduating in four, not five or six years and getting a job after graduation.  An easy-to-read list of 100 questions helps families to learn the following:  There is a afforadable college or university for every family; Students can graduate in four years with manageable debt; Students can get a job after graduation. The book is available in English & Spanish 
  • Devils Attic by Vicki Adrian D
  • Escape the Dimension by Pranav A. Puttaparthi D
  • Onset, An American's Voyage Beyond Borders by JB Gatling • D
  • Just Dreams by L.J. Taylor D
    L.J. Taylor -Just Dreams- is a romantic legal thriller.  Love is a dirty word and passion has no place in the world of high-profile litigation. Sparks fly when attorney Kathy Brooks agrees to represent novelist Charles Morgan, Jr. in a high-profile suit against a powerful government defense contractor.  But when Charles hidden agenda threatens to expose the governments dirty little secrets, what started out as the case of a lifetime could cost Kathy her heart, her career and even her life.
  • Trepassers by Tim Wynn • D
  • Tagged, A White Shark Adventure by Amy Adams • D
  • Power Wishing by Anne Louise Carricarte • D
Writer's Row - Sundayback to top
  • A Visitors Guide to the Literary South by Trish Foxwell • D
  • Casino Excelsior by Jeremy Stone • D
  • Chunky and Friends by Joseph Vivens • D
  • El Diario de mi Detox by Cecilia Ramirez-Harris • D
  • Gasparilla's Treasure by Scott Clements • D
  • I'm Right Here, With you by Mimi Lutz • D
    "There is more to life than this!", she hears inside herself. Within a split second, Lili grabs the wall again, preventing herself from falling from the eighth floor into the moving traffic. Shaking, she slowly lowers herself down on the terrace. She needs to redefine her life. She had been quiet about a physically abusive husband, as she was trained to be. Who could she trust? She finds a way to leave, find a job, go back to school. As a single mother, her life opens to a new page.
  • Karl the Grateful Dog by Penny Wagner • D
  • Lost in the City of Flowers: An Art history Adventure by Maria Trujillo • D
  • Multan Forever by Ronald Beauchain • D
  • Niki's Quotes by Virginia Kawa • D
  • Out on a Limb with no Place to Hide / Vindication Post 20th Century Poems by Dianne VanDerMeer • D
  • Untold Miracles- An Undeniable Memoir of Faith. by Velma Palmer Ph. D • D
  • A Silent Prayer by Samreen Ahsan • D
  • Dinosaurs Let Me See A Tunnel Book by Francis Edwards • D
  • Discovering Vintage Miami by Mandy Baca • D
  • El Dia Que Un Angel Se Aparacio en mi Habitacion by Anabelle Valenzuela-Alarcon • D
  • One Woman, Two Jungles ----Una Mujer, Dos Selvas by Clara Wirth Morici • D
  • The Survival Medicine Handbook by Amy Alton • D
  • Microchip by Chey Barnes • D
  • The Biggest and Brightest Light: The Magic of Helping Others by Marilyn Perlyn D
    Filled with splendid illustrations and inspirational ideas, the heartwarming story will give children an understanding of the feelings that come from giving. When six-year-old Amanda wanted to help her teacher, she discovered that helping someone else gave her the best feeling she had ever had!
  • Power Wishing by Anne Louise Carricarte • D
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